The Complete Guide To Start and Set Up a Blog With Blogger (step by step)

set up your blog on blogger
Step by step guide to set up a blog

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As you may be aware, I started using blogger about 3 years ago, and I had no IT knowledge, but I have successfully used that platform without having any trouble.

Actually, all the tips and lessons that I am gonna share with you in this step by step guide to set up your blog on blogger have been personally used by me. Yes, I have learned these lessons the hard way, but YOU are gonna grab them in just few minutes through this article.

But first, what is blogger?

Blogger is a website or blog hosting platform that is owned by the giant Google. Unlike many other web hosting companies or platform around the world, blogger is completely FREE and NEVER shall they ask you to upgrade to a certain paid plan!

Isn’t that awesome? Yes, it is.

But you can wonder! If it is completely FREE, why would some people go for hosting plans that cost 10s, 100s or even 1000s of dollars every month or year and leave the free blogger behind?

There are many reasons but all can be summed up in one answer; LIMITATIONS.


But on what?

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To answer the above question, we need to share some details regarding blogger.

Let us review blogger in summary

Blogger is generally a great platform considering the fact that it is FREE and very easy.

1. Blogger is free and very easy to use

2.  It is owned by the giant Google and therefore security for your blog is covered.

3. There is no such thing as down time with blogger. Yes, servers are running and efficient 24/7

4. You are not limited on the number of articles, photos, and videos. And if you get signed up with their other services like drive, Gmail, you tube, and Google sites, there is no limit to how far you can go with blogger (of course by having one Gmail or Google account, you are already free to use any of those other great features and services).

5. Blogger has beautiful templates/themes, including the newest responsive ones. Besides, blogger allows you to edit your templates to your liking or even install third party paid or free templates. (Don’t get bothered with new terms, you will get them soon).

6. Bloggerhas great and important widgets (widgets are like side tools we keep adding to our sites to enhance functionality of the website or blog. For example, contact forms, statistics, sign up or subscription forms, labels and archives and so many more) and as I already highlighted, you can always create more and more widgets using the HTML/Java widget.

7. Blogger allows you to freely access Google AdSense, the world’s number one paying advertisement plan. You can earn hundreds of dollars by just having some adverts on your blog.

8. Blogger freely connects your blog to Google analytics, the world’s preferred analytical tool for your statistics and blog performance check-ups. Listen, Google is a giant and owning your blog on her platform makes it easy to access most of her tools.

9. Listen, blogger can allow you to upgrade your domain (blog address) to YOUR own customized domain brought from somewhere or Google and still host it for FREE.

There are thousands of #advantages YOU can only have with blogger than anyone else when it comes to completely free hosting plans.

There are, however, some TWO things I must address here too;

1. Some writers consider some disadvantages of Blogger; limitations regarding beautiful and attractive themes. On this, I think WordPress (free) is better. Yes, WordPress has hundreds of beautiful and attractive themes and is also easy to use. But as I highlighted, you can always edit your blogger template to your liking, buy and install great third party themes or even get free third party themes (we will discuss this later).

2. Some push up the fear that Google can seal off blogger and we wake up in the morning and all our blogs are gone! On this, I don’t think Google is such horrible that they can shut up Blogger on which millions of blogs are running without noticing us. Besides, Blogger is going nowhere since Google is using it for its own different services and businesses.

And if it can happen with blogger, it can happen with all other FREE services.

NB: Some writers will confuse Blogger with WordPress and start telling you that WordPress is better but that is a lie! To make this clear, let us look briefly at WordPress;


WordPress is like a community platform and is the best website and blog platform out there, but which WordPress is this? We have two WordPress platforms (WordPress.Org and is the FREE one just like blogger, and it cannot be compared to blogger in free services. Their disk space is limited to 3 GB only, no video uploads unless you upgrade to paid plans, no great advertisement plans like those on blogger, but yes, with seemingly better and variety of themes (templates) more than blogger.

People who tell you that WordPress is better than blogger are either unaware of the differences between and or are more interested in beauty or great themes than functionality and profitability of your blog. And to me, this is just a BAD IDEA!

I have used both services and I know what I am talking about; Blogger cannot be compared to WordPress in terms of completely FREE hosting services.

But when it comes to WordPress.Org, there is no better platform! The problem is that WordPress.Org is a paid up platform and the cost could be between 2.5 dollars per months to even 10 dollars or more depending on the way you have enrolled on this platform (we will come back to this later).

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About blogger and WordPress, listen to Kiraha Kimachia (2014);

The hosting is free on Blogger. You also don’t have to upgrade to a premium package to use your custom domain, as is the case with other free hosting providers. Once you have paid for your domain with your preferred registrar, you can host your site free on Blogger. Conversely, buying a domain on starts at $18.00 per domain, per year while moving a domain name you already own costs $13.00 per domain, per year”.


Well-done, so what are the steps to creating YOUR blog on blogger?

Like I highlighted in one of my earlier writing, if you already have a Google/Gmail account, you won’t have to sign up first. But if you don’t have Gmail/Google account (which I suppose is impossible unless you have something against Google! I am kidding!), then you will have to create an account with Google first.

Is that hard? I must warn you; it is the easiest thing to do. Just follow the steps below;

NB:(I am going to be using either Google or Gmail account for they really mean the same and help you achieve the same goals with Google)

1. Go to

I mean, open up your phone, tablet, or computer’s browser (Mozilla, opera mini, UCBrowser, safari or Google Chrome), and, in the search area, type (you can go there directly from here as well). That address will take you to a screen like this;


NB:As you can see, I used a tablet to get these screenshots and the browser I was using was opera mini for android.

 If you already have a Google account, just click on “sign in”
 And if you don’t have Google account, just click on “create your blog”

2. Sign in or sign up

Yes, if you have your Gmail account and you click on sign in, blogger shall take you to the Google sign in screen or sign up screen if you don’t have Google account and you clicked on create you blog. See the photo below;

 Yes, Enter your email and password and click sign in
 For the one signing up, enter the asked information and click create account
You are doing quite well. Few steps and YOU are done, move on dear.

3. Welcome To Blogger: Confirm Your Profile
Yes, following signing in or up above, blogger shall take you to its own page again and you shall be asked to confirm your profile. See the photo below;

 Here, you have two options of how your profile shall be;

1. You can choose to add yourself to Google+ (another serious social media platform owned by Google) as well soyou have your profile visible across all Google features that you shall be using (recommended by me)

2. You can also decide to create limited blogger profile (this limits your profile to only blogger)
NB: I personally recommend the first option since our goal is to conquer as many platforms as we can. Yes, the success of your blog is how far it can go to reach people or get known and Google plus adds onto that power too.
If you decide to follow my advice, then blogger shall take you to Google Plus site where you shall modify YOUR profile the way you want. See the photo below;

Waoh! After entering in YOUR information on Google Plus as you wish, click on create profile. You can even upload a photo from your laptop or tablet or phone immediately to be your profile picture. Click save and then click continue to blogger.See the screenshots below;

4. Creating Your Blog
Waoh! After finalizing your profile with Google Plus and clicking on continue to blogger, you will be here;

 Enter the preferred title for your blog in the title area. For me, I added ‘Nemvicx Centre For His Real Life Stories’.

 In the address area, add the desired website or blog address of your choice. For example, I added nemvicxlifestories and the address automatically becomes

 NB:Wait! Blogger automatically adds ‘BlogSpot’ into your address because your domain is not a customized personal address but just a sub-domain. But here is the good news; blogger allows you to upgrade to your own customized domain anytime without charging you anything for hosting.

NB: Hey! A customized domain is that one without blogspot. For example;

-Customized domain: (we shall have time to discuss the details of everything, don’t worry)

Of course, customized domains are not free; you can buy one with Google or some other great companies like ipage, GoDaddy, and so many more (I will personally teach you how to buy and upgrade your domain on blogger in minutes; it is the easiest thing to do. Contact me;

Also, it is possible that your desired blog address was already taken by others, a rare situation with blogger. In this case, you type in your next desired address and blogger checks it out for you again. When your desired address is done, blogger tells you that it is available.


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 Choose YOUR template. What is a template? It is the design or the general look of your blog. For this tutorial’s purpose, choose simple (otherwise you can choose any).

Blogger generally has fewer templates compared to, but they can be edited to your liking if you have the skills. Also, blogger allows you to install third party templates (we will surely have time for all of this in other articles).

 After entering your title, address, and selecting a template, click on create blog.


5. Writing Your First Post

 I suppose you already have written your post somewhere and it’s time to paste it here and if you have not yet written your first blog’s post, don’t worry; now is the time.

I wrote a 3000 words detailed article on How to successfully write your blog’s first posteven when it’s your first time to write an article; don’t dare write your first post minus checking out that article first.

You must read this;
How to successfully write your first post

Thanks for listening.

 Anyway, after writing your post somewhere (by the way, you can write your post directly into blogger’s editor now and then; it’s just that I don’t encourage people to write their posts directly from blogger’s editor for the reasons I gave in above other article about first blog’s post writing), come directly to where you have reached with blogger and click on New Post.

 Blogger’s editor shall come up.

Listen, if you have ever used Microsoft Word, notepad, WordPad or any other document software, then this is no different; it is typing, deleting, capitalizing, underlining, and changingsizes and many more as usual.

 Paste/write the text of your word post into blogger’s editor

 As shown by the above screenshots of my tablet, you can paste your post into blogger’s editor, select it, change the font type, size, align text, add internal or external links (we highlighted about links in how to write first post), add videos, photos,arrange paragraphs to your wish, and so much more just as you do in Microsoft word (Enroll freely to see how everything is done).

 Eeeh wait! In case, your blogger’s editor opens up in HTML mode, just click on the compose button before writing your text or pasting it there (Don’t worry about this because blogger shall always open up in compose mode if all other factors are constant)

6. Publish Your Post
 Yes, when you are satisfied with how your text looks like, then it is time to publish your post on your blog or internet. How do you (publish) do this?

Simple; just click on the word Publish on your top right corner of the blogger’s editor

 Your blog shall now look like this;


As you can see, you are already published.

Yes, you can see the address on top, then my blog’s title ‘Nemvicx Centre For His Real Life Stories’ follows next in big words. What follows next is the title of my newest and first post and then the whole post, including the photo that I added.

 Next, you can even share that same post or article on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus or even send it to your friend’s email by just clicking on the respective icons below the post.

Generally, that is all for the beginning!
Pick a glass of water and celebrate.

NB:Of course, there is more to know about blogger, including designing your template (no coding needed), adding other functionalities like contact forms, subscription forms, search boxes, labels, pages and many more. Also, we shall learn how to add your customized domain, design landing pages, have respective posts for specific pages and make your blog look awesome on blogger. Just stay in touch with my blog, for developments or email me at

Also, there is a lot more to know about blogger’s editor and what incredible things it can allow you accomplish with your articles and hundreds many more tricks and tips.

I just wanna tell you this; computer is best mastered through practice. As you click through your blog’s editor, visit the settings section, explore the gadgets, study the behavior of different gadget, you will later find; there was nothing hard to actually learn!

And you know what! You are never alone; you have joined a big community of bloggers and so never delay to contact me or others for any assistance. My email is

Remember to enroll FREELY into our new course in which you shall master blogger in few minutes. Join the school now; it’s free!

And in case you love inspiration, motivation and more life changing resources, visit our main centre; The Complete You Ministry.

This website here (Blogging The Easiest Way) is specifically to help you and the world with all the blogging skills we have acquired during all our years of blogging so you can also influence the world through blogging; make sure you subscribe so you never miss on any opportunity.

God bless you so much

Nemvicx CEO @ The Complete You Ministry


Nemvicx is a professional nurse and public health officer, an inspirational writer and singer. Together with his dear wife, Amulen Winfred (also a professional midwife and counselor), they do blogging at WWW.NEMVICX.COM.

They currently live in Kampala, from where they serve God and others.

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